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I'm a Veteran, a family man with a lovely daughter, two fine sons and a beautiful loving wife. Now three beautiful granddaughters with continuous energy, never a dull moment. I'm retired from a mass public transportation company as a light rail train operator. My interest in real estate started in 2013. Due to banks making it harder for potential buyers to qualify for a home loan I want to provide the proper opportunity for suchlike ones who need a little help acquire their American Dream with NO Bank Qualify financing of their home. It's highly important that the Renter and the Seller can both be winners. The Buyer is comfortable in knowing his rent is not wasted without the ultimate purpose of purchasing and feeling a pride of ownership. A third party will handle rent collection from Tenant/Buyer's account and make mortgage (Including tax & insurance) payments each month. This way all parties of concern will feel comfortable and relieved that all is taken care of with no worries. At the same time the Seller has no empty house, have a potential Buyer, his mortgage is being paid by a tenant Buyer who will care for the property as his own. The Seller/Owner will not have to chase down or worry about collecting his rent because again it is collected by the third party. This is handled with transparency to achieve a trustful and positive experience between the Tenant/Buyer and the Owner/Seller. Their satisfaction is our joy. There are so many homes nationwide that are empty or unfortunately more yet to become so. In our program, Wil's Rent To Own, the distressed homeowner and the potential home buyer who is pursuing some of the American Dream with credit challenges are both helped with a viable solution to their home, related situation. There nothing more relieving than a happy conclusion for all the parties involved including Wils Rent to Own.

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How can I find rent-to-own homes in Apple Valley?

First, know all the names and terms: Rent to own, lease/option, and a lease/purchase agreement are often used interchangeably, depending on who you ask. ┬áNot all properties are advertised this way, but technically, any property can be sold through a rent-to-own agreement. We help people like you find properties and get through the process with […]

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